For quite some time we had submitted our 2-week vacation at the end of September. We planned to use the time for a test tour with our new bikes.

Where the trip should take us, we decided spontaneously by exclusion: France was on the quarantine list. So was Liguria. Apart from that, the weather forecasts in the south were bad. Large parts of Austria were redefined as risk areas. What remained? Germany! A totally exciting and exotic destination that has been on top of our list of dream destinations for a long time. 😉

We selected the route ad hoc over coffee and cake, following the tailwind and the best possible weather. In the end, this strategy led us from Zurich to Rostock. We have always spent the night in our Tent, usually as the only people on the campsites. The sky was mostly gray, sometimes blue, now and then it was pouring down. The temperature was quite cool and did not make us very confident for the anticipated winter start next year. Our bikes (we affectionately called them Traktörli) and also all the rest of the equipment passed the test with top marks. In the beginning, setting up our new tent was not very routinely. But we quickly got used to it and were glad for the generous space in the awning during the rainy nights. The seating position on the bikes seems to be just perfect. Neither the bum nor anything else has caused us pain. Only the front light of David has refused the service for still unexplained reasons now and then (and always in the most unfavorable times).

From Zurich to Rostock

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We liked Tübingen, Rothenburg o.T., Bamberg, Weimar, Quedlinburg and Rostock very much. We were somewhat less enthusiastic about Magdeburg and its surroundings. After a 12-day trip, we arrived safely in pretty Rostock. By overnight train we travelled relaxed all the way back to Zurich. It wasn’t until we got home that we realized the second wave of Corona was about to start. If we had arrived one day later by train from Hamburg, we would have had to stay in quarantine at home for about 10 days… Lucky us! 🙂