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Power supply on the road

Of course we travel without an e-bike;)…. but we still can’t do without electronic devices. In order to manage as long as possible without a power outlet, we have installed a hub dynamo in the front wheels of each bike.

The following devices must be supplied regularly with electricity:

  • Headlamp with integrated battery
  • Camera batteries
  • Cell phone battery (for GPS)
  • E-book reader
  • Microphone

The laptop will be used only if a power outlet is available. A detailed list of all electronic devices can be found here.

Installation on the bike

The SONdelux hub dynamo provides alternating current for the front and rear lights. With a suitable charging electronic the alternating current can be converted into direct current. As charging electronics we use the very efficient “Forumslader” and we connect it in parallel to the front and rear light:

While cycling, we only charge the buffer battery of the forum charger. This protects the USB port of the electronic devices and we can charge them in the evening in the tent.

We store the charging electronics in our handlebar bags. It can be quickly connected and removed via a magnetic connector.

Unfortunately, the magnetic connector as well as the front light (BUMM IQ-X) has not worked out. So we have changed the headlight to a SON Edellux II and renewed the entire wiring setup: now we only use the stable coax cables from SON.
Below the headlight there is a coaxial junction box to which the charger can be connected. When charging, the charger is stored in the side pocket: