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Azerbaijan round trip

7 April 2023 / David & Regula / Tags: Asia, Azerbaijan, Cycling, Europe

The fact that other ideals apply in other countries could not be overlooked on the plane from Dubai to Baku. The botoxed lips of some female passengers were remarkable – the aesthetic ideal is called “Russian Lips” (examples can be found here 😀) … and became less common once we left the airport.

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Workaway Telavi

4 October 2022 / David & Regula / Tags: Asia, Europe, Georgia, Workaway

With many great memories we look back on the wonderful ten days of volunteering in Telavi. Guga and Nutsa, a young Georgian couple, welcomed us with open arms in their future guesthouse “friendly home”. We immediately felt at home with them and their animals (two dogs, four cats, two rabbits and two ducks) and lived together like in a great flat-sharing community. Each morning the tireless dogs greeted us with expectation and wagging their tails. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts with Guga and Nutsa!

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Eastern Georgia with Tusheti and Vashlovani

23 September 2022 / David & Regula / Tags: Asia, Cycling, Europe, Georgia

With our newly issued Iran visa in our luggage we left Tbilisi in north-eastern direction. Since the last mountain passes on gravel roads were much easier than we had expected, we tackled the journey over the 2826m high Abano Pass into the Tusheti National Park in good spirits. We planned to split the climb of 2600Hm into two days, considering that halfway up the pass there was drinking water, hot springs and apparently the only flat place where we could pitch our tent.

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